A truly engaging website won issue 210’s best plug in site of the month.  Microsoft software developers Shoothill had produced a giant image mosaic created in silver light for online film community Secret Cinema.   Also featured were Voisse and  OCB Blackthinking


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Hands up how many of you found genetics fun at school?  That’ll be no one then. Fortunately purveyors of internet goodness – Preloaded are here to help. They’ve created  site of the month Thingdom for the Science Museum which introduces kids (and us big kids) to the tricky subject of genetics. Also featured in this month’s column are sites for Name that sneaker and a campaign sight for neat freak owners of Skoda Fabia‘s

Featured in this month’s column are Look to the Moon which is a technically beautiful and visually sound website. It acts as an observation platform which monitors and collates online ephemera such as images, words and creations being shared in the digital world.  Also featured this month are campaign sites for closet case boy racers over at the VW Augmented Reality site and  Got Milk which is all about the promotion of drinking cow’s Milk  which –  unless you’re lactose intolerant –  is where it’s at.



My profile of Nicholas Mir Chaikin for Weave magazine is out now. He’s one of the founder of  Spill.net in Paris and has been running the agency since 1995…yes 1995!

My review column in .net issue 207 featured three unique new websites. Site of the month is Concep’d http://concepd.com/  from Paris based designer Thomoglou Panagiotis who – in his own words – has created the web’s first “Web sight”. Also featured in this edition is a wonderful site for the self obsessed The Influence Project http://influenceproject.fastcompany.comand art director Yu Yong’s folio site 30ml  http://www.30ml.com/

I really enjoy writing for this great little “culture with a conscious” magazine. This is my second piece for them and this time a full blown feature about dating in the 21st Century. Funny, a bit quirky and spilling the beans on all my mates… You can find copies of Eggmag at these outlets http://www.eggmag.co.uk/stockists.html

I really love researching new websites for this column for .net mag. My third column has the stunning site for “Dark night of the soul” as the site of the month with the simple and sweet site for the Hop farm festival following closely on it’s heels. I’ve only just noticed that there’s a distinctive musical feel to this column!

I’ve a monthly gig on .net magazine picking the best plug in sites of the month starting with issue 204. A fun column to write with some great creative on show and some great sites made in with some of the web’s best plug ins.

CA Projects issue 140

August 22, 2010

In this edition of Projects i show how to add punch to a creative pitch with the help of Flash Catalyst. The project takes the form of an interactive cardboard Theatre which the reader can bring to life by following along.